Rubicon offers a broad range of services as follows:

  • Administration of deceased Estates.
  • Drafting of Wills and Testamentary Trusts
  • Setting up and registration of Family (Invervivos) Trusts.
  • Registration of Companies and Close Corporations.
  • Drafting of all legal contracts:
    • Antenuptial contracts
    • Deeds of Sale
    • Rental agreements
    • Buy-and-Sell agreements
    • Power of Attorney
  • Legal advice – All advice related to services offered above
  • Claim settlements (Insurance – death claims)


  • How secure is your family’s future?
  • Is a Will important?
  • Wouldn’t you want peace of mind to know that you have a valid will in place and your loved ones are taken care of in your absence?

It is vital and important to have your Will drafted by professionals to ensure that your will or intended wishes are followed through just as you would have wanted it to happen. It is also important to ensure that your Will is updated regularly as and when your personal circumstances change i.e., death, marriage, children and career changes.

Who may have a Will drafted?

- Any person over the age of sixteen years may have their own will.

If you have a Will that is drawn up correctly it will make it much easier for your Executor(s) in collaboration with your family/heirs, to attend to the administration of your Estate and it will also:

  1. Provide you with peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be respected and carried out as far as is legally possible.
  2. Limit the payment of Estate Duty where proper and due consideration is given to your Estate Planning needs as stipulated in your will and give due and proper consideration to any possible legal constraints and also possibilities duly covered in a proper dratfed will.

Dying without a Will (Link to PDF)


  • The types of Trusts?
  • The importance/need of a Trust?
  • Who may have a Trust?
Types of Trusts:
  1. Testamentary Trust – provision is made in your Will for any minor children, children or other persons with special needs by the setting up of a Testimentary Trust.
  2. Family (Intervivos) Trust – An Intervivos Trust is more commonly used to limit the payment of Estate Duty in your Estate, preserve and protect assets for future generation(s) and also very important to note, to protect assets from creditors in case of insolvency.
Who is entitled to have a Trust:

Testamentary Trust:

Any person who is legally entitled to have a Will and have any person(s) who may have special needs and must be catered for accordingly may have a Testamentary Trust.

Family (Intervivos) Trust:

Any person who may have built up a sizeable portfolio of assets and where there is a risk of having to pay substantial Estate Duty mat have a Family Trust or where especially business interests need to be protected from creditors.

Legal Documentation involves:

  • Registration of Companies
  • Drafting of all legal contracts
    • Antenuptial contracts
    • Deeds of Sale
    • Rental agreements
    • Buy and Sell agreements
    • Power of Attorney
  • Legal advice – All advice related to services offered above
  • Claim settlements (Insurance – death claims)
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Submitting and maintaining CIPC lodgements.
  • Registration and formation of new companies.
  • CIPC directorship and address amendments.
  • Maintaining yearly CIPC annual returns.
  • Monthly processing of cashbooks.
  • Preparation of monthly vat reports.
  • Compilation of management accounts.
  • Daily management of bank accounts.
  • Maintaining directorship duties and responsibilities.